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How To Submit Your Sports Cards To Be Graded


How To Submit Your Sports Cards To Be Graded

  Time to get your cards graded. Which cards do I chose? What company do I send them to? How do I send my cards to be graded? All good and common questions collectors ask all the time about grading their trading cards. Hopefully this article will answer some of those questions for you and lead you down the path of high grades and big money!

What are the best cards to send in to be graded?

Typically Rookie Cards, Autograph and Patch/Swatch Jersey cards are the best for cards manufactured during the 90's to the present. Card manufactures have gotten better at making high quality cards that grade higher than previous eras. Because of this you want to focus on premium or high-dollar cards only because the value of a high grade is not applied across the board. Higher value Rookie Signature cards, Autographs of NFL star players, and premium muli-color jersey cards are a good starting point before you experiment with other cards.

Vintage cards or pre 1970's can all be candidates for grading. Collectors sometimes try to collect an entire set that has been graded. These sets are tough to put together, however they attract huge premiums at auction. Even "common" cards graded 7 and above can be worth looking for because the cost of grading will be far less than the premium gained at sale in most cases.


What Company do I send my cards to?


Pros Cons
PSA Grading Card Company
Phone: (800) 325-1121
Professional Sports Authenticator
P.O. Box 6180
Newport Beach, CA 92658

Clear & Simple Grading Scale
Huge Population Report

3 PSA Board of Experts
were implicated on an
FBI Shill Bidder List


Beckett Grading Cards
Phone: 972-991-6657
Beckett Media LLC
4635 McEwen Road
Dallas, Texas 75244

Regular Sales & Discounts
Heavy Duty Card Case
Detailed Grading System

"Tougher" Grading Standards
"10" Pristine Grade
BGS, BVG, BCCG & BG Variations
Interested In Submitting 50 Cards to Beckett Grading?

SGC Grading Card Company Regular Sales & Discounts
Trusted Experienced Company
Odd 100 Point Grading Scale
3rd Choice among Grading Co.
The Black Card Holder

Phone: 1-800-SGC-9212

Sportscard Guaranty LLC
951 Yamato Rd, Suite 110
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Dave Forman – owner of SGC Grading - was named by the FBI as a shill bidder in auctions conducted by convicted felon Bill Mastro. The same week the list of shill bidder names were released, SGC moved their company headquarters to Florida. 

How Do I send my cards to be graded?

First thing you want to do after selecting a company to send your cards to is find their Submission Forms. Some offer electronic submissions, others require you to print out the form and send it in with the cards. Always include the form when you send your cards in so they are not misplaced or lost when being graded. Double check your form as well for any errors, mispellings, and other information.


How to package your cards?
This all depends on how many cards you are sending. If you are sending multiple cards, a box works the best. Be sure the box is large enough so if it is partially crushed your cards will not be damaged. A large box with foam/padding and a smaller box with your cards in it is the best way to send cards in via the mail. Find a few empty boxes around the house and you're good to go.

If you are only sending a few cards packaging them in-between cardboard and placing them in a bubble mailer is usually acceptable. I would not recommend this for high value or rare cards, a box is always the way to go. If you need bubble mailers, we use an on-line retailer that is cheaper than our local stores. A link to a 10 Pack for less than $6.00 is provided to the right.

Remember, Fedx, UPS, and USPS all have different rules for packaging and you will want to make sure you check them before you package your cards. Also, they all offer FREE boxes to use for your packaging. I would use Fedx or UPS if you are sending very valuable cards because their tracking system is far better than USPS. However USPS offers the lowest prices for the most part and you can pick up Priority Boxes at almost any post office for Free!  Just be sure to use Delivery Confirmation and possibly registered mail because there is no true "tracking" available at USPS at this time.

25 Pack Bubble-Mailers $4.89

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