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The 1st of August marks the first day of the National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC)

According to the NSCC Official Website - The Wednesday Show Hours Are 4pm - 8pm EST

NSCC Location: 1 W Pratt Street - Baltimore, MD 21201 - Google Map

2012 National Sports Collectors Convention Floor

Manufactures, collectible shops, big time athletes and most importantly collectors from all over will make the trip to Baltimore this week to attend the NSCC. We'll try to keep you updated on some of the happenings around the event. There are lots of different exclusive promotions and give-a-ways, so if you like free stuff, you'll want to keep an eye out to see if you can win something.

Twitter Updates On Day #1

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According to the NSCC Official Website - The Wednesday Show Hours Are 4pm - 8pm EST

NSCC Location: 1 W Pratt Street - Baltimore, MD 21201 - Google Map

Trevor Bauer Autograph Baseball Arizona Diamondbacks
Trevor Bauer
MLB Debut: June 28, 2012

1st Autograph Rookie Logo Cards:
2012 Topps Finest Baseball

Trevor Bauer is a unique pitcher and a guy who has been on the radar of card collectors even before he was picked #3 overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2011 MLB Draft.  He is known for his quirky workout regimen which includes a long toss that will leave you astounded when you see how far he can throw a baseball.  Bauer was called up to the big show and will make his MLB debut on June 28, 2012.  He has had some success in the minors but detractors point to a modestly high walk total and concerns that he may be a good #2-3 starter, and not a lights out #1 type guy.

In 2009 Upper Deck released a Team USA Baseball set and Bauer was on the US squad and has base, autographs and game used cards available in that set. 2010 Bowman Baseball also featured Bauer in a USA uniform. Bauer fans finally got a chance to see him with cards in a Diamondbacks uniform in 2011 Bowman Draft Baseball and 2011 Bowman Sterling. Some of his rare parallel autographs from that set sold for hundreds of dollars while he was pitching in the minor leagues.
Trevor Bauer Arizona Diamondbacks Pitcher
If you've been collecting baseball cards the last several years you will know about the Rookie Card Logo Rule. Once Bauer was called up to the major leagues it allows Topps to include him into sets with that rookie card logo. That opens up the number of sets they can put him in and expect to see Bauer in most of the sets Topps will release in late 2012 (see list below).

What I think of Bauer:
I saw Bauer make a minor league start in late 2011. The warm-up routine leaves you stunned. His long toss extends the entire outfield. It will blow your mind. The time he took just to stretch before the game takes longer then most pitchers full warm-up before a game. He has a ton of pitches in his repitore and that from what I've heard can get him in trouble with pitch counts and walks. Often compared to Tim Lincecum, for Bauer though, in my opinion his stuff isn't on par with Timmy when he debuted with the Giants. Not a knock on Bauer - but Lincecum was dominant in his brief time in the minors and then won back-to-back Cy Young Awards.

Market for his cards:
If he pitches well - it will send a pop in the value of his cards. He has to pitch well. If he struggles even a little bit it could leave collectors wishing they sold when the hype was building for Trevor in the minor leagues. The Diamondbacks play in a hitters yard and are on the outside looking in for a playoff berth, if he doesn't show strong flashes collectors may shift their focus to Bauer's teammates yet to reach the MLB - Tyler Skaggs and Archie Bradley.

What Sets Have Bauer Rookie Card Logos?
Release Dates Subject To Change - Check Link for More Info

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National Sports Collectors Convention Picture
Picture: National Website

2012 National Show
Baltimore NSCC
Show Dates: 8/1/2012 - 8/5/2012

Card Show Calendar
2012 Baseball Card Show Calendar

Day 1 Coverage Here

Day 2 Coverage Here

Day 3 Coverage Here

Day 4 Coverage Here

Day 5 Coverage Here

The 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore Maryland will be the largest card show in the United States. Held at the Baltimore Convention Center in the heart of downtown, this event draws in thousands of collectors and dealers for five exciting days. The National boasts over 600 dealers who will have everything for sale inside the massive Convention Center. If you are out of money, you can also visit up to 50 corporate booths from companies like Panini America and Topps. Look for many of the biggest companies in the industry to have exclusive promotions and wrapper redemption cards up for grabs at those booths.  See information of such promotions in the information found below.

One of the biggest draws for collectors are the autograph guests.  Some of these guys only make a few appearances a year so it gives people looking for that special autograph or photo opportunity that chance in Baltimore. The link is listed below, but be sure to stay updated on who is signing and for how much at the National by checking their official site and the TriStar Website which sells the autograph tickets and VIP packages on it's website. Any other website with a list of autograph signers could be incomplete or lack recent additions. Only check the NSCC site and the TriStar site as they will have the most up to date information. Athletes will often cancel at the last minute and they will have that information first.

Is Sports Card Radio Going?

Yes. Ryan from Sports Card Radio as well as some guest writers will be on-hand covering the event. Look for daily contests, lot's of twitter updates, exclusive video/audio and much more.

Stay up to date on Sports Card Radio NSCC happenings by following: SportsCardNews on Twitter
Sports Card Radio Logo

How do I get tickets to National?

Two places before the event:

How Much Do The Autograph Guests Charge?

Some athletes are free, and some come free if you purchase a VIP package. Most charge money for their autograph.  The complete list, schedule, and prices can be found exclusively on the TriStar Website. You can purchase directly form there and you are good to go.

Is it worth going if I live far away?

Depends. I am traveling from California so it's not a cheap flight or trip for me at all. I am looking to be a buyer at this show, and perhaps try and flip cards I purchase by sending them into Check Out My Cards. I don't do a whole lot of eBay selling at all anymore- just because I don't like shipping out tons of packages. If I can find some great deals on some low-end, cheaper single cards then I will take advantage of that because I have a good idea what the cards will sell for on COMC.

None of the autograph guests really get my juices flowing. Perhaps I would have put up some money to get Joe Montana, but as of yet, he has not been added to the National autograph lineup. For me, it's about enjoying the event, be around collectors and help promote the industry from Baltimore. Everyone has a budget, everyone has other priorities in life, you'll need to weigh and balance those before deciding to go.

Where Should I Stay?

My personal advise - stay close to the convention center. If you stay too far away you are relying on public transportation and or renting/bringing a car. This can add expense to your trip when you could just spend that money at the show. I booked a room at the Days Inn and also the Residence Inn.  The Days Inn is the affordable way to go. You are steps away from the convention center, right in the heart of Downtown Baltimore. The Residence Inn was about twice as expensive, because they feature larger rooms. I'm flying all the way from California - so for me - it's worth being comfortable so I'm willing to fork out the extra cash. There are a multitude of hotels in that area. Use your favorite place to book rooms. I used PriceLine, but there are many choices.

What Dealers Are There?

You can check out a full list here. PDF Document

What Special Wrapper Redemptions Are There?


(1) Open FULL box of 2012 Bowman Platinum Baseball AT THE TOPPS BOOTH - you get 25 card serial numbered Bowman Platinum Blue Foil set. The set includes cards of Bryce Harper, Yu Darvish and more.

(2) Open ANY 3 2012 Topps/Bowman MLB or NFL packs AT THE TOPPS BOOTH - and you get 9 card 2012 Gypsy Queen Mini Card Set. The 9 cards in the set are Bryce Harper, Yu Darvish, Yoenis Cespedes, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill, Trent Richardson, Michael Floyd, and Justin Blackmon.
More Information: 2012 Gypsy Queen Mini National Card Set.


Wrapper Redemption Packs will be available in different quantities depending on which Panini box you buy at the show. There will be rare autographs and special instant-win autographs cards from the show.

More Information & Set Checklist: 2012 Panini NSCC Wrapper Redemption

Press Pass:
Company releases initial information on Wrapper Redemptions. Info here.

(1) Open box of Broad Street Boys at the ITG booth and recieve 1/1 game used card from that set.

(2) Open box of 2011-12 Between The Pipes Hockey at the ITG booth and recieve game used card special made for the 33rd National Convention.

(3) Open box of UM-11 National Super Boxes Hockey at the ITG booth and get a 1/1 game used card. More Information Here

Upper Deck

UD will be giving out special packs where each day of the show will contain a different group of players. In order to complete the entire set, you have to get all the packs. SP Game Used Hockey and SP Signature Baseball are the eligible products.

More Information & Set Checklist: Upper Deck NSCC Wrapper Redemption


More wrapper redemption information TBA from other companies.


2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Bryce Harper Mini National Wrapper

What VIP Sets Are There?
Check the link for all the VIP sets.
2012 National Sports Collectors Convention VIP Sets
2012 Topps National Convention Babe Ruth

I'm Not Going - How Can I Stay Up To Date Though?

This page will be useful because I will update it with pertinent information. Also - love it or hate it - Twitter will be a real-time resource for collectors not at the event. I will be popping off tweets at a rapid pace - and you can follow me here: SportsCardNews I will detail what Sports Card Radio will be doing at the National Show - a week before the event on this page and on Twitter.

Use/search the #NSCC hastag on Twitter.

Relevant Tweets and Links

Twitter: Jack Morris & Bobby Grich to sign free autographs at 33rd National Sneak Peek and VIP Reception Weds 8/1/12. - National Sports Show - June 13, 2012

Twitter: Just bought my ticket for the #NSCC. - Field Level View - June 11, 2012

Twitter: Who's going to the National this year? #NSCC - Yanxchick - June 7, 2012

Twitter: National Sports Collectors Convention Flight booked. Will blow up twitter with polls, pics & info. LMK if you headed to Baltimore. #nscc - Sports Card News - March 28, 2012

Website: 33rd Annual National Show Website: NSCC Site

Website: Buy Autograph Tickets From TriStar: TriStar Tickets

Forum Thread: Blowout Cards Thread on National: Collector Thread

Sports Card Radio: Sports Card Show Calender: 2012 Baseball Card Show Calendar

DA Card World: Buy Cards and Sets at National - Link

Day 1 Coverage Here
Please Contact Me If You Are Going! Please! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Universal Distribution Logo Universal Distribution
Retailer Summit
Monday - June 18, 2012
Details: Universal Distribution

Marriott Hotel - Montreal, Canada
Hotel Information Link

Universal Distribution is one of the leading distributors of sports and gaming related products in all of Canada. On Monday June 18, 2012 Universal Distribution will be holding an exclusive retailer summit at the Marriot Courtyard Montreal Airport Hotel in Montreal, Canada.  Representatives from Upper Deck, Panini, Wizards of the Coast, WizKids, and Konami will be on hand to present information about all of their upcoming product lines and also answer your questions.  This is a great chance for you to not only meet business leaders from those companies, but also get to know and build your relationship with Universal Distribution.  Space is very limited for the Summit, and be aware that you must have an account with Universal Distribution in order to attend. Universal Distribution is a wholesale only provider - therefore you must have the required business documents in order to purchase from them.  You can read about Universal Distribution and other sports card related wholesalers here.

Not only will you be able to hear about all the upcoming product from companies like Panini and Upper Deck, but each company will provide free promotional items to everyone in attendance.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided free of charge.  From 3:30-5:30 retailers are encouraged to visit the exhibit room where you can meet one-on-one with company leaders.

Schedule for June 18th 2012 Summit:
8:30 – 9:30  – Breakfast
9:30 – 10:30  – Upper Deck Presentation
10:30 – 11:30 – Wizards of the Coast Presentation
11:30 – 12:30 – Konami Presentation
12:30 – 1:30 – Lunch Break
1:30 – 2:30 – Panini Presentation
2:30 – 3:30 – Wizkids/NECA Presentation
3:30 – 5:30 – Exhibit Room

Upper Deck Company Logo

Wizards of the Coast Logo

Panini Company Logo

Konami Company Logo

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